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 Absolute Organix range
Code  Barcode Product  Size Price VAT (0)
Coconut Products         
AF9 6009657580228 Organic Coconut Oil  250ml R73,16  
AF18 0707273445346 Organic Coconut Oil  1L R221,49  
OPO001 6009657580068 Organic Oil Pulling Oil 250ml R148,40  
Encapsulated Spices         
SUP004 6009657580570 SuperSpices: Organic Cayenne vegecaps 60s R110,62  
SUP001 6009657580556 SuperSpices: Organic Cinnamon vegecaps 60s R110,62  
SUP003 6009657580549 SuperSpices: Organic Ginger vegecaps 60s R110, 62  
SUP002 6009657580563 SuperSpices: Organic Turmeric vegecaps 60s R110,62  
Omega Oils        
FLA001 6009657580273 Organic Flax Oil  500ml R206,71  
FLA002 6009657580846 Organic Flax Oil  250ml R103,10  
AF1 6009657580150 Omega 369 Organic oil blend 500ml R345,72  
AF12 6009657580860 Omega 369 Organic oil blend  250ml R172,97  
AF8 6009657580280 Omega Sport  (flax plus MCT) oil blend 500ml R280,23  
AF003 6009657580433 Omega Pure Vegan DHA vegecaps 60s 60s R421,30  
Sundry Products        
AO004 6009657580327 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar               1L R144,45  
AO005 6009657580334 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar               2L R255,99  
AO006 6009657587432 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar               5L R585,12  
AO008 6009657587272 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - Glass Bottle          500ml  R85,76  
FRU001 6009657580631 Fruit & Veg Spray 500ml R76,65  
FRU002 6009657580624 Fruit & Veg Spray 1L R110,40  
AO001 0707273445704 Sanitiser  100ml  R37,95  
AO012  6009657586350 Sanitiser  250ml  R68,83  
AO002 0707273445711 Sanitiser  500ml R103,33  
AO013 6009657586343 Sanitiser  1L R172,33  
AO003 0707273445728 Sanitiser  2L  R310,33  
AO014 6009657586336 Sanitiser  5l R689,31  
Lifematrix Wellness range
Code  Barcode Product  Size Price  
MCT Products         
LM40 0707273445476 Coconut MCT Oil (sold in case lots of 6 units) 250ml  R120,58  
LM39 0707273445469 Coconut MCT Oil (sold in case lots of 6 units) 500ml  R222,71  
LM55 6009657586411 Coconut MCT Oil  5L R1617,19  
LF9 0707273445803 MCT Oil (sold in case lots of 6 units) 250ml R96,00  
LF2 6009657580020 MCT Oil (sold in case lots of 6 units) 500ml R177,93  
LF8 0707273445612 MCT Oil  2L R513,58  
LF11 6009657587418 MCT Oil  5L R1266,06  
NEW LF17 6009657586459 MCT Oil Cherry flavour (sold in case lots of 6 units) 250ml R96,00  
NEW LF18 6009657586442 MCT Oil Cherry flavour (sold in case lots of 6 units) 500ml R513,58  
NEW LF19 6009657586435 MCT Oil Cherry flavour  2L R513,58  
NEW LF20 6009657586428 MCT Oil Cherry flavour  5L R1266,06  
LF10 0707273445810 MCT Oil Vanilla flavour (sold in case lots of 6 units) 250ml R96,00  
LF7 0707273445285 MCT Oil Vanilla flavour (sold in case lots of 6 units) 500ml R177,93  
LF12 6009657586404 MCT Oil Vanilla flavour  2L  R513,58  
LF15 6009657586398 MCT Oil Vanilla flavour 5L  R1266,06  
LF5 6009657580976 MCT Powder unflavoured 350g R213,55  
LF6 6009657580464 MCT Powder chocolate flavour 350g R213,55  
Vegan Proteins        
LM17 0700083202529 Pea & Hemp Protein  200g R123,06  
LM5 6009657580501 Pea & Hemp Protein   400g R264,36  
LM6 6009657580518 Pea & Hemp Protein   1kg R550,40  
RVP004 0700083202536 Raw Vegan Protein Powder  200g R135,49  
RVP001 6009657580341 Raw Vegan Protein Powder  400g R264,36  
RVP003 6009657580716 Raw Vegan Protein Powder  1kg R550,40  
NEW RVP007 6009657586541 Raw Vegan Protein Powder Chocolate  200g R135,50  
NEW RVP005 6009657586558 Raw Vegan Protein Powder Chocolate  400g R264,36  
NEW RVP006 6009657586565 Raw Vegan Protein Powder Chocolate  1kg  R550,40  
LM15 0700083202512 Yellow Pea Protein Powder  200g R135,38  
LM3 6009657580044 Yellow Pea Protein Powder 400g R264,36  
LM4 6009657580037 Yellow Pea Protein Powder  1kg R550,40  
Animal  Proteins        
LM1 6009657580167 Colostrum powder (bovine first milk) 100g R282,37  
LM42 6009657587319 Collagen Broth  200g R184,68  
LM43 6009657587326 Collagen Broth  400g  R345,04  
LM18 0700083202550 Free Range Egg White Protein Powder  180g R240,36  
LM11 6009657580600 Free Range Egg White Protein Powder  350g R400,59  
LM12 6009657580617 Free Range Egg White Protein Powder  900g R900,41  
LM19 0700083202543 Purple Protein Collagen powder 200g R201,59  
PUR001 6009657580426 Purple Protein Collagen powder 400g R386,53  
NEW PUR002 6009657586534 Purple Protein Collagen powder 1000g  R773,05  
NEW LM51 6009657586626 Premium Whey Protein unflavoured  400g R264,36  
NEW LM52 6009657586602 Premium Whey Protein unflavoured  900g  R447,21  
NEW LM53 6009657586619 Premium Whey Protein Chocolate  400g  R264,36  
NEW LM54 6009657586596 Premium Whey Protein Chocolate  900g  R447,21  
LM16 0700083202505 Whey Isolate protein powder 200g  R177,71  
WHE003 6009657580457 Whey Isolate protein powder 400g R375,52  
LM2 6009657580488 Whey Isolate protein powder 1000g R644,03  
Other Nutritional Products        
LM34 0707273445353 Super Smoothie Essentials (Dairy) 400g R264,36  
LM33 6009657580310 Super Smoothie Essentials (Vegan) 400g R264,36  
LM8 600957580297 Super Smoothie Essentials (Vegan) 200g R138,20  
LM14 0700083202499 Tropical Fibre (Coconut & Baobab)  200g  R70,43  
Milk Powders        
NEW LM62 6009657586329 Camel Milk Powder 100g R267,00  
NEW LM60 6009657586282 Desert Milk powder  100g R165,38  
NEW LM61 6009657586305 Goats Milk Powder 400g R217,80  
MAG002 6009657580655 Transdermal Magnesium Oil spray 100ml R60,34  
MAG001 6009657580471 Transdermal Magnesium Oil spray 250ml R110,55  
MAG004 6009657580679 Magnesium Oral Spray with spearmint 100ml R63,96  
MAG003 6009657580662 Magnesium Sport Spray with wintergreen 100ml R63,96  
PH001 6009657580440 pH-Plus Alkalizing Bath Soak 600g R142,57  
Tonic Mushrooms         
NEW LM57 6009657586381 Tonic Mushrooms - Wellbeing  100g R337, 24  
NEW LM58 6009657586374 Tonic Mushrooms - Energising  100g R337, 24  
NEW LM59 6009657586367 Tonic Mushrooms - Anti Ageing 100g R337, 24  
Truefood Organic 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
TFO006 6009657587074 Organic Red Kidney Beans 400g R64,52  
TFO015 6009657587067 Organic Mung Beans 400g R77,70  
TFO025 6009657587128 Organic Sunflower Kernels  400g R64,14  
TFO007 6009657586947 Organic Haricot beans 400g R53,27  
Grains and Legumes        
TFO001 6009657587166 Organic Buckwheat  400g R59,42  
TFO004 6009657587081 Organic Chickpeas 400g R75,02  
TFO009 6009657587043 Organic Lentils Brown  400g R64,22  
TFO010 6009657587029 Organic Lentils Green  400g R88,66  
TFO011 6009657587036 Organic Lentils Red  400g R69,29  
TFO030 6009657586985 Organic Mealie Meal  400g R39,43  
TFO029 6009657586961 Organic Mealie Meal  1000g R68,69  
TFO012 6009657587142 Organic Millet (Hulled) 400g R74,99  
TFO016 6009657587180 Organic Oats (Gluten Free) 350g R58,49  
TFO018 6009657586978 Organic Polenta  400g R63,60  
TFO019 6009657586992 Organic Popcorn 400g R81,61  
TFO021 6009657587005 Organic Rice Brown Basmati  400g R71,92  
TFO023 6009657587012 Organic Rice Long Grain  400g R46,09  
TFO026 6009657586954 Organic Quinoa White 400g R125,49  
TFO032 6009657586688 Organic Quinoa White 1000g R167,60  
Seeds, Nuts & Flours        
TFO003 6009657587111 Organic Chia Seeds  400g 156,57  
TFO027 0707273445971 Organic Coconut Flour  400g R54,73  
TFO028 0707273445667 Organic Coconut Chips  150g R56,92  
TFO008 6009657580686 Organic Flax & Chia Meal  400g R78,86  
TFO005 6009657587159 Organic Flax Seed Brown  400g R68,08  
TFO031 6009657586923 Organic Maca Powder  200g R182,83  
TFO020 6009657587173 Organic Pumpkin Seeds 400g R135,49  
TFO022 6009657587135 Organic Sesame Seeds 400g R99, 47  
TFO002 6009657587104 Organic Cane Sugar  400g R114,33  
TFO013 0707273445520 Organic Coconut Sugar  400g R79,42  
TFO014 0707273445537 Organic Coconut Sugar  1000g R101.37  
Sauces and Syrups        
TRU1114 6009657587258 Organic Coconut Syrup 250ml R111,76  
NEW  TFO033 6009657586275 Organic Coconut Aminos 250ml  R120,57  
Truefood Natural Foods and Oils
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
TRU052 0707273446251 Black-Eye Beans  400g R34,87  
TRU098 6009657587470 Black-Eye Beans  1000g  R66,06  
TRU039 0707273446091 Butter Beans 400g  R40,69  
TRU042 0707273446121 Haricot Beans 400g  R30,89  
TRU049 0707273446190 Mung Beans  400g R29,94  
TRU086 0707273445865 Mung Beans  1000g  R74,83  
TRU047 0707273446176 Red Kidney Beans  400g R41,07  
TRU097 6009657587449 Red Kidney Beans  1000g  R81,25  
TRU040 0707273446107 Sugar Beans 400g  R33,91  
TRU099 6009657587425 Sugar Beans 1000g  R70,95  
Grains and Legumes        
TRU077 0707273445964 Buckwheat  400g  R44,13  
TRU061 0707273446008 Bulgar Wheat  400g R30,59  
TRU050 0707273446206 Chick Peas  400g R41,55  
TRU092 0707273445933 Chick Peas  1000g R96,40  
TRU062 0707273446039 Cuscous 400g R48,88  
TRU108 6009657587364 Cuscous (Pearled) 400g R75,43  
TRU037 0707273446060 Lentils Brown 400g R29,93  
TRU100 6009657587487 Lentils Brown 1000g R66,18  
TRU043 0707273446138 Lentils Red Split 400g R31,01  
TRU085 0707273445858 Lentils Red Split 1000g R67,21  
NEW  TRU126 6009657586633 Long Grain Brown Rice  400g R47,11  
TRU054 0707273446084 Millet - White  400g R34,03  
Tru091 0707273445919 Millet -White  1000g  R85,07  
TRU044 0707273446145 Pearled Barley 400g R29,13  
TRU087 0707273445872 Pearled Barley 1000g R48,18  
TRU064 0707273446022 Popcorn 400g R34,74  
TRU088 0707273445889 Popcorn 1000g R91,43  
TRU110 6009657587340 Quinoa Mixed ( Black, Red and White ) 400g  R74,99  
TRU109 6009657587357 Quinoa Black  400g  R71,91  
TRU048 0707273446183 Quinoa Red 400g R74,97  
TRU083 0707273445766 Quinoa Red 1000g  R164,75  
TRU038 0707273446077 Quinoa White 400g  R71,37  
TRU082 0707273445773 Quinoa White 1000g  R156,14  
TRU078 0707273445674 Rolled Oats  400g  R32.42  
TRU101 6009657587463 Rolled Oats  1000g R61,20  
TRU079 0707273445681 Rolled Oats - Gluten free  350g  R55,46  
TRU103 6009657587456 Rolled Oats - Gluten free  1000g R117,12  
NEW  TRU122 6009657586787 Sorghum Meal  400g R27,85  
TRU041 0707273446114 Split Green Peas 400g  R25,61  
TRU089 0707273445896 Split Green Peas 1000g  R42,61  
Cold-pressed Oils        
TRU008 6009657580389 Flax seed oil 250ml R94,27  
TRU003 6009657580891 Grapeseed oil 500ml R113,17  
TRU002 6009657580914 High oleic Sunflower oil 500ml R85,20  
TRU074 0707273445452 Macadamia Oil  500ml R122,11  
TRU022 0707273445650 Sesame Oil 250ml R94,00  
Seeds & Flours        
NEW  TRU125 6009657586640 Cassava Flour 400g R43,21  
TRU034 0707273445568 Golden Flax Seed 200g  R22,27  
TRU055 0707273446213 Golden Flax Seed  400g R39,00  
TRU026 0707273445582 Golden Flax Seed  1kg R72,87  
TRU075  0707273445636 Golden Flax Meal 400g R51,07  
TRU025 0707273445599 Golden Flaxmeal 1kg R103,04  
TRU111 6009657587333 Hemp Hearts (dehulled seed) 200g  R98,65  
NEW  TRU130 6009657586480 Pomegranate Arils  100g R91,24  
TRU046 0707273446169 Pumpkin Seed  400g R97,43  
TRU053 0707273446237 Sesame Seed  400g R73,01  
TRU093 0707273445940 Sesame Seed  1000g R147,71  
TRU065 0707273445995 Sesame Seed Black 400g  R110,71  
TRU051 0707273446220 Sunflower Seed  400g R39,31  
TRU090 0707273445902 Sunflower Seed  1000g R72,10  
TRU073 0707273445629 Amaranth 400g  R62,95  
TRU033 0707273445773 Chia Seed 200g  R50,52  
TRU054 0707273446244 Chia Seed  400g R82,89  
TRU027 0707273445575 Chia Seed  1kg R182,67  
TRU032 0707273445780 Moringa Powder  200g  R145,66  
TRU031 0707273445797 Maca Powder  200g R146,26  
TRU066 0707273445988 Turmeric Powder 200g R34,61  
TRU095 0707273445827 Himalayan Salt Coarse  400g  R35,71  
TRU096 0707273445834 Himalayan Salt Coarse  1000g R64,64  
TRU115 6009657586916 Himalayan Salt Fine  400g R35,71  
TRU116 6009657586909 Himalayan Salt Fine  1000g R64,64  
NEW  TRU123 6009657586862 Mopani Hot Spice  75g  R51,20  
NEW  TRU119 6009657586879 Mopani Salt  75g  51,20  
TRU060 0707273446053 Erythritol  400g R91,43  
TRU094 0700083202833 Erythritol  1000g  R219,42  
TRU124 6009657586657 Raw Cane Sugar  400g R64,05  
TRU129 6009657586589 Raw Honey  350g  R81,37  
TRU117 6009657586800 Raw Honey  500g  R116,57  
TRU118 6009657586794 Raw Honey  1000g  R229,11  
TRU059 0707273446046 Xylitol Granules 400g R103,73  
TRU084 0707273445841 Xylitol Granules 1000g R216,22  
Holle Organic Baby Foods
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
H010 7640161872035 Stage 1 Formula   500g R329,50  
H20 7640104952671 Stage 2 Formula  600g R347,79  
H26 7640104950295 Stage 3 Formula   600g R377,27  
H05 7640104952572 Baby Muesli  250g  R131,06  
H4 7640161872486 Millet porridge   250g R131,06  
H3 7640104952619 Oats porridge   250g R131,06  
HO2 7640104952510 Rice porridge   250g R131,06  
H01 7640104952534 Spelt porridge   250g R131,06  
Good Life Organic Herbs,  Spices & Superfoods
Code  Barcode Product  Size Price  
Fruit and Veg Powders        
GL238 6009702591711 Broccoli Powder 200g R258,95  
GL256 6009702591728 Spinach Powder  200g R182,81  
Fruit and Veg Powders        
GL235 6009702590233 Beetroot Powder 200g  R254,16  
GL237 6009702590387 Black Rice  500g  R124,72  
GL255 6009702590394 Red Rice  500g  R124,72  
GL259 6009702592091 Three Rice Mix  500g  R102,87  
GL040 6009702590974 Coriander Powder  55g R46,97  
GL134 6009834551492 Garlic Powder 100ml R61,53  
GL008 6009702590493 Marjoram 16g R36,44  
GL009 6009702590509 Oregano  100ml R39,61  
GL010 6009834550716 Rosemary  30g R46,33  
GL011 6009702590530 Sage  16g R39,73  
GL012 6009702590547 Sweet Basil  20g R38,18  
GL013 6009702590561 Thyme 18g R51,51  
GL026 6009702590820 Black Peppercorn Grinder 60g R85,52  
GL033 6009702590035 Cayenne Pepper Powder 60g R59,06  
GL239 6009702592008 Cayenne Pepper  200g R109,95  
GL035 6009702590912 Chilli Flakes 30g R41,84  
GL037 6009702590936 Cinnamon Powder  45g R59,13  
GL240 6009834551812 Ceylon Cinnamon 200g R116,99  
GL042 6009702590998 Cumin Powder 60g R54,12  
GL049 6009702591117 Ginger Powder 45g R56,04  
GL244 6009702592831 Ginger  Powder 200g R129,49  
GL136 6009702591148 Mustard Seed (Black)  70g R46,11  
GL051 6009702591131 Mustard Seeds (Yellow)  70g R46,11  
GL138 6009702591186 Turmeric Powder 50g R48,49  
GL260 6009702591384 Turmeric Plus Powder 200g R101,72  
Herb and Spice Blends         
GL242 6009702592725 Barbeque Best  50g R68,42  
GL236 6009702592824 Bengali Five Spice 50g R46,52  
GL241 6009702591940  Chilli-Garlic Grind  80g R49,84  
GL243 6009702592831  Garlic & Herb 20g R36,97  
GL246 6009702592879 Italian Herbs 16g R29,95  
GL247 6009702592848 Lemon and Herb  35g R25,34  
GL248 6009702592701 Lemony pepper  75g  R53,78  
GL249 6009702591087 Marvelous Masala 55g R49,06  
GL250 6009702592886 Mixed Herbs  18g R34,96  
GL252 6009702592893 Pasta Sprinkle 20g R33,70  
GL258 6009702592770 Taste of Thai 60g R53,06  
GL231 6009702592732 True Brit Curry  75g  R50,23  
GL257 6009702592718 Steak Sizzle 70g R53,78  
Protein Powders        
GL253 6009702591308 Pea Protein Powder 200g R104,57  
GL254 6009702591315 Pumpkin Protein Powder 200g R101,46  
GL232 6009702591643 Ashwagandha Root Powder 200g R116,99  
GL234 6009834551348 Baobab Fruit Powder  200g R158,17  
GL077 6009702591582 Cacao Powder 130g R102,87  
GL245 6009702591636 Hemp Seed Powder  200g R53,36  
GL075 6009702591568 Maca Powder 200g R187,52  
GL251 6009834551331 Moringa Powder  200g R121,76  
GL078 6009702591599 Raw Cacao Nibs  130g R108,91  
Klapperbos  Artisanal Foods
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
KLF002 0700083509208 Klapperbos Farm Real Chilli Salt 50g R36,57  
KLF003 0700083509239 Klapperbos Pomegranate reduction  170g R89,60  
Taka Health 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
NEW  TT-CACAO 6009686792098 Taka Health Golden Cacao  125g R98,33  
NEW  TT-TEA 6009686790650 Taka Health Golden Tea  125g R98,33  
NEW  TT-LATTE 6009686790674 Taka Health Golden Latte  150g R98,33  
NEW  TT-SMOOTHIE 6009686790681 Taka Health Golden Smoothie 150g R98,33  
Wholesome Earth products
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
WHO029 6009702932071 Corn Flakes  350g R64,22  
WHO028 6009702932637 Corn Flakes (Sugar Free)  350g R70,58  
WHO020 6009702931982 Gluten Free Oat Flour 500g R70,21  
WHO021 6009702931821 Gluten Free Quick Cooking  Oats 500g R70,21  
WHO022 6009702931814 Gluten Free Rolled Oats 500g R70,21  
WHO019 6009702931838 Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats  500g R70,21  
Wholesome Harvest products 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
WHO017 6009702932545 Roasted Edamame Beans 200g  R48,56  
WHO018 6009702932538 Roasted Edamame Beans 80g  R27,82  
I am Superbar superfood snacks
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
SB001 16009900322701 Superbar box -  Raw  30 x 45g R751,51  
SB003 16009900322718 Superbar box -  Training  30 x 45g  R751,51  
SB004 16009900322725 Superbar box -  I am Strong 30 x 45g R751,51  
SB005 16009900322787 Superbar box - I am Free 30 x 45g  R751,51  
Qi Fairtrade and Organic Teas
  Barcode Product  Size Price  
Green Teas        
QI11 653783000318 Qi Green & Lemon Tea  25tb R57,93  
QI020 653783000141 Qi Green and Blueberry 20tb R57,93  
QI001 653783000257 Qi Green Tea 25 tb R57,93  
QI012 653783000301 Qi Green Tea  & Mint 25tb R57,93  
QI021 653783000707 Qi Green Tea  & Matcha 20tbs R60,34  
QI023 653783000714 Qi Green Tea, Turmeric & Matcha 20tbs R60,34  
QI022 653783000721 Qi Green Tea, Ginseng & Matcha  20tbs R60,34  
QI014 653783000356 Qi Green Tea & Gingko 25tb R57,93  
QI013 653783000363 Qi Green Tea & Ginseng 25tb R57,93  
QI009 653783000295 Qi Green Tea & Jasmine 25tb R57,93  
QI010 653783000349 Qi Green Tea and Ginger 25tb R57,93  
Speciality Teas        
QI017 653783000080 Qi Acai berry tea 25tb R57,93  
QI005 653783000387 Qi Afternoon Tea (formerly Golden Black Tea) 25 tb R57,93  
QI002 653783000370 Qi Detox Tea 25 tb R57,93  
QI018 653783000073 Qi Digestive Tea  20tb R57,93  
QI006 653783000394 Qi Earl Grey Tea 25 tb R57,93  
QI016 653783000059 Qi Pomegranate Tea   25tb R57,93  
White Teas        
QI019 653783000479 Qi White & Goji tea 20tb R57,93  
QI011 653783000288 Qi White Tea 25tb R57,93  
Yogi Tea Ayvurvedic Teas
Code  Barcode Product  Size Price  
Green and Black Teas        
YO014 4012824402218 Yogi Tea Cranberry Hibiscus  17tb R105,14  
YO017 4012824402881 Yogi Tea Finest Selection 6x3 tb R105,14  
YO037 4012824401914 Yogi Tea Green Balance  17tb R105,14  
YO019 4012824401969 Yogi Tea Green Energy  17tb R105,14  
YO003 4012824402058 Yogi Tea Green Ginger Lemon 17tb R105,14  
YO020 4012824403277 Yogi Tea Matcha Lemon  17tb R105,14  
Herbal Teas         
YO040 4012824404281 Yogi Tea Alkaline  Herbs 17tb R105,14  
YO002 4012824401679 Yogi Tea Bedtime Rooibos Vanilla 17tb R105,14  
YO015 4012824401860 Yogi Tea Detox with Lemon  17tb R105,14  
YO016 4012824401549 Yogi Tea Echinacea  17tb R105,14  
YO018 4012824401778 Yogi Tea Ginger Orange  17tb R105,14  
YO035 4012824400900 Yogi Tea Ginseng  17tb  R105,14  
YO036 4012824401723 Yogi Tea Heat Warming  17tb  R105,14  
YO021 4012824403222 Yogi Tea Immune support  17tb R105,14  
YO022 4012824400542 Yogi Tea Lime Mint  17tb R105,14  
YO023 4012824401389 Yogi Tea Mens Tea  17tb R105,14  
YO009 4012824401167 Yogi Tea Relax  17tb R105,14  
YO029 4012824400801 Yogi Tea Rose  17tb  R105,14  
YO025 4012824401075 Yogi Tea Stomach Ease  17tb R105,14  
YO034 4012824400443 Yogi Tea Sweet Mint  17tb R105,14  
YO026 4012824401426 Yogi Tea Throat Comfort  17tb R105,14  
YO010 4012824401587 Yogi Tea Wellbeing  17tb R105,14  
YO038 4012824403628 Yogi Tea Wellness Collection (Limited edition) 17tb  R105,14  
YO001 4012824401679 Yogi Tea Womens Energy  17tb R105,14  
YO028 4012824401112 Yogi Tea Womens Tea  17tb R105,14  
Spice Teas         
YO006 4012824400399 Yogi Tea Choco Chilli  17tb R105,14  
YO039 4012824430150 Yogit Tea Choco  17tb R105,14  
YO013 4012824400054 Yogi Tea Classic  17tb R105,14  
YO031 4012824400108 Yogi Tea Himalaya 17tb R105,14  
YO011 4012824400207 Yogi Tea Licorice  17tb R105,14  
YO041 4012824404168 Yogi Tea Turmeric Chai  17tb R105,14  
YO024 4012824400252 Yogi Tea Rooibos  17tb R105,14  
Garden of Life Wholefood Supplements
  Barcode Product  Size Price  
GOL045 658010116688 FucoThin Green (fucoxanthin & green coffee bean) 90s R1116,68  
GOL55 658010114066 Perfect Food Raw green food caplets 240s R985,51  
GLO11 658010114059 Perfect Food Raw green food powder 240g R985,51  
GOL7 658010111393 Fungal Defense (anti-candida/yeast formula) 90s R985,51  
GOL11 658010111362 Icelandic Cod Liver Oil 8oz R516,81  
GOL05 658010111317 Omegazyme digestive enzymes 90s R969,55  
GOL56 658010114226 Raw Cleanse  7 day detox  kits kit R969,55  
GOL2 658010112581 Primal Defense Kids probiotic powder 76g R662,26  
GOL04 658010111119 Primal Defense probiotics 90s R1034,98  
 Allisone Tissue Salts 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
Individual Salts        
ALL013 6009821390134 Bioplasma 180s R172,24  
ALL026 6009821390264 Bioplasma 60s R91,60  
ALL001 6009821390011 Calc Fluor 180s R172,24  
ALL014 6009821390141 Calc Fluor 60s R91,60  
ALL002 6009821390028 Calc Phos 180s R172,24  
ALL015 6009821390158 Calc Phos 60s R91,60  
ALL003 6009821390035 Calc Sulph 180s R172,24  
ALL016 6009821390165 Calc Sulph 60s R91,60  
ALL004 6009821390042 Ferrum Phos 180s R172,24  
ALL017 6009821390172 Ferrum Phos 60s R91,60  
ALL005 6009821390059 Kali Muir 180s R172,24  
ALL018 6009821390189 Kali Muir 60s R91,60  
ALL006 6009821390066 Kali Phos 180s R172,24  
ALL019 6009821390196 Kali Phos 60s R91,60  
ALL007 6009821390073 Kali Sulph 180s R172,24  
ALL020 6009821390202 Kali Sulph 60s R91,60  
ALL008 6009821390080 Mag Phos 180s R172,24  
ALL021 6009821390219 Mag Phos 60s R91,60  
ALL009 6009821390097 Nat Mur 180s R172,24  
ALL022 6009821390226 Nat Mur 60s R91,60  
ALL010 6009821390103 Nat Phos 180s R172,24  
ALL023 6009821390233 Nat Phos 60s R91,60  
ALL011 6009821390110 Nat Sulph 180s R172,24  
ALL024 6009821390240 Nat Sulph 60s R91,60  
ALL012 6009821390127 Silicea  180s R172,24  
ALL025 6009821390257 Silicea  60s R91,60  
Synergy blends        
ALL036 6009821390370 Arthro Synergy 60s R138,52  
ALL039 6009821390318 Arthro Synergy 180s R298,60  
ALL032 6009821390356 Beauty Synergy 60s R138,52  
ALL033 6009821390295 Beauty Synergy 180s R298,60  
ALL031 6009821390349 Immuno Synergy  60s R138,52  
ALL029 6009821390288 Immuno Synergy 180s R298,60  
ALL034 6009821390363 Osteo Synergy 60s R138,52  
ALL035 6009821390301 Osteo Synergy 180s R298,60  
ALL038 6009821390387 Pure Synergy 60s R138,52  
ALL037 6009821390325 Pure Synergy 180s R298,60  
ALL030 6009821390332 Rescue Synergy  60s R138,52  
ALL028 6009821390271 Rescue Synergy  180s R298,60  
Nature's Plus Wholefood Supplements 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
NP003 879610000478 Pro Creation for Men 60s 60s R696,66  
NP004 879610000485 Pro Creation for Women 60s 60s R696,66  
NP001 97467307193 Source of Life Gold Multi 90 90 caps R1718,79  
NP002 97467307018 Source of Life Multi Liquid 30 oz R2049,75  
Protein products        
NP006 97467947528 KETOslim High Protein Bar  60g x 12 R1382,35  
NP008 97467996328 KETOslim High Protein Shake  33g x 8 R921,56  
NP007 97464737351 KETOslim High Protein Vanilla Shake 363g R1162,93  
Animal Parade Kids Supplements 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
Multi Vitamins         
EL002 097467299887 Baby Plex Drops  60ml R532,09  
EL020 097467299283 Gold Multi - Assorted Flavours  120s R886,82  
EL001 097467299276 Gold Multi- Assorted Flavours  60s R495,52  
EL027 097467299580 Gummies multivit  50s R799,05  
EL007 097467299696 AcidophiKidz Chewable Berry  90s R630,83  
EL021 097467299993 DHA Omega 3  90s R585,12  
EL003 097467299788 Immune Booster Tropical Berry  90s R413,24  
EL025 097467299498 Inner Ear Support  90s R682,03  
EL005 097467299689 KidGreenz 90s 90s R486,38  
EL009 097467299641 KidZinc Lozenges Tangerine  90s R557,69  
EL006 097467299948 Omega 369 Softgels Lemon  90s R863,05  
EL008 097467299221 Sugar Free Vitamin C Orange 90s R438,84  
EL004 097467299481 Tooth Fairy Vanilla  90s R804,54  
EL018 097467299474 Tummyzym  90s R804,54  
EL023 097467299238 Vitamin D3 Chewables  90s R402,27  
EL026 097467299412 Vitamin D3 Drops 10ml 10ml R402,27  
Hemptons Hemp  Products
Code  Barcode Product  Size Price  
Nutritional Oils        
HE001 6009819890721 Hemp oil capsules 1000mg  90s R411,87  
HE039 6009819890523 Organic  Hemp Seed Oil (glass bottle) 200ml R161,02  
HE040 6009819890226 Organic Hemp Oil (glass bottle) 500ml R346,81  
HE002 6009819890721 Organic Hemp Seed Oil  250ml R168,06  
HE003 6009819890226 Organic Hemp Seed Oil  500ml R324,16  
HE033 6009819890585 Hemp Protein Powder 250g 250g R171,79  
HE005 6009819890424 Hemp Protein Powder 500g 500g R317,90  
HE004 6009819890257 Hemp Protein Powder  1kg R596,13  
Big Tree African Herbal Medicine
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
BT2 85535200008-2 Sceletium 100mg 60s R178,80  
BT1 85535200001-3 Sutherlandia 350mg  60s R129,10  
TB4 85535200010-5 Warburgia 100mg  60s R99,27  
Biolife Supplements 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
BIO129 6007813000283 Biolife Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg 60s R145,00  
BIO023 6007813000177 Biolife Alpha Lipoic Acid  60s R135,00  
BIO015 6007813000290 BioLife CLA 1000mg 120s R207,72  
BIO124 6007813000245 Biolife CoQ10 100mg   30s R140,35  
BIO131 6007813000351 Biolife CoQ10 100mg   90s R341,26  
BIO127 6007813000276 Biolife Herbal Laxative  60s R120,01  
BIO031 6007813000238 BioLife Joint Support 60s R140,35  
BIO025 6007813000030 BioLife Lecithin 1200mg  90s R134,74  
BIO128 6007813000252 Biolife L-Lysine 1000mg  60s R111,16  
BIOL36 6007813000344 Biolife Milk Thistle Extract 375mg  60s R151,58  
Oils in capsules        
BIO011 6007813000054 BioLife Evening primrose Oil 1000mg  60s R168,41  
BIO130 6007813000306 Biolife Fish oil 1000mg  90s R129,12  
BIO009 6007813000078 BioLife Flax oil 1000mg  90s R178,54  
BIO120 6007813000122 BioLife Salmon oil 1000mg 90s R151,58  
PH Products         
BIO34 6007813000337 Biolife Alkaline Base Powder 250g R140,35  
BIO033 6007813000320 Biolife pH Testing Strips 100s R162,03  
Vitamins and Minerals         
BIO123 6007813000207 BioLife Biotin 5mg 60s R140,35  
BIO032 6007813000313 Biolife Cal-Mag-Zinc-Boron 60s R130,00  
BIO035 6007813000269 Biolife Inositol 500mg 60s R149,01  
BIO132 6007813000368 Biolife Magnesium Elemental 234mg 60S R199,00  
BIO001 6007813000115 BioLife Multivitamin and Antioxidants  30s R133,60  
BIO003 6007813000139 BioLife Multivitamin and Antioxidants  180s R651,24  
BIO122 6007813000221 Biolife Vitamin B Complex 60s R150,25  
BIO021 6007813000146 BioLife Vitamin C 1000mg 60s R162,81  
Herbal Pet range
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
HP001 6009800681017 Allergy Formula 200g R204,64  
HP002 6009800681208 Cleansing Formula 240g R225,98  
HP008 6009800681789 Cleansing Formula  40g R53,99  
HP007 6009800681413 Every Pet Formula  200g R193,55  
HP004 6009800681024 Joint Formula 200g R225,98  
HP005 6009800681123 Serenity Formula 200g R227,13  
HP009 6009800681796 Serenity Formula  40g R60,27  
Sundry items 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
Amber Necklaces        
BAL001 NO BARCODE Baltic Amber Necklace (baby) unit R246,85  
BAL004 NO BARCODE Baltic Amber (baby) - Flower anklet  unit R269,70  
BAL005 NO BARCODE Baltic Amber (baby) - Chakra anklet  unit R269,70  
BAL008 NO BARCODE Baltic Amber (baby) - Cherry  anklet  unit R269,70  
BAL006 NO BARCODE Baltic Amber (baby) - Cognac anklet  unit R269,70  
BAL007 NO BARCODE Baltic Amber (baby) - Lemon anklet  unit R269,70  
BAL009 NO BARCODE Baltic Amber (baby) - Mixed anklet  unit R269,70  
Bamboo Products         
NEW  EPS-BOX 781718149907 Eco Planet Bamboo Box Set, Straws and cleaner unit R101,48  
LUG001 6009663286633 Lugol's Iodine 50ml R110,59  
Energised Water        
HAPPY003 NO BARCODE  Happywater Bottle  500ml R29,26  
HAPPY012 707273445681 Happywater Concentrate 250ml R78,06  
Biobodi Hemp products 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
OH009 6009657586824 Biobodi Organic Hemp Castille Soap  150ml R81,92  
OH008 6009657586831 Biobodi Organic  Hemp Conditioner 150ml  R81,92  
OH007 6009657586848 Biobodi Organic Hemp Shampoo  150ml  R81,92  
OH010 6009657586817 Biobodi Organic Hemp Shower Gel  150ml  R81,92  
NEW  OH011 6009657586527 Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Lemongrass               150ml  R91,24  
NEW  OH012 6009657586510 Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Peppermint        150ml R91,24  
NEW  OH013 6009657586503 Bamboo Charcoal Conditioner Peppermint 150ml  R91,24  
NEW  OH015 6009657586497 Bamboo Charcoal Conditioner Lemongrass  150ml  R91,24  
NEW  OH016 6009657586473 Bamboo Charcoal Liquid Soap Lemongrass  250ml  R106,97  
NEW  OH017 6009657586466 Bamboo Charcoal Liquid Soap Peppermint  250ml R106,97  
OH005 6009657588095 Biobodi Organic Seabuckthorn oil  50ml  R339,19  
Beyond Wellness Bath Salts 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
NEW  BWS001 0781159118814 Beyond Wellness Sleep Salts  100g  R38,88  
NEW  BWS004 0781718963077 Beyond Wellness Sleep Salts  700g R104,81  
NEW  BWS002 0781159118821 Beyond Wellness Stress Salts  100g R38,86  
NEW  BWS005 0781718963084 Beyond Wellness Stress Salts  700g R104,81  
NEW  BWS003 0781159118838 Beyond Wellness Sports Salts 100g R38,86  
NEW  BWS006 0781718963091 Beyond Wellness Sports Salts 700g R104,81  
BON Eucalyptus products
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
BUS015 6009082763007 Olive and Rose Oil Soap 115g R65,59  
BUS005 6009827630029 Pure Eucalyptus Oil 50ml R55,98  
BUS006 6009827630012 Pure Eucalyptus Oil 200ml R157,01  
Ozone Co  Healing Gels
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
OZ003 60025487 Healing gel - Hemp oil  25ml R191,99  
OZ002 60022646 Healing gel - Jojoba oil 25ml R191,99  
OZ001 60010018 Healing gel - Olive oil 25ml R173,71  
Down to Earth African Potato Skin Care 
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
DTE001 6009657780499 African Potato Cream 250ml R231,15  
DTE002 0707273583871 African Potato Cream 125ml R146,63  
DTE009 0707273583956 Refresh Cleanser  200ml  R153,53  
DTE010 0707273583963 Refresh Moisturiser  60ml R169, 05  
DTE011 0707273583932 Revive Cleanser  200ml  R153,53  
DTE008 0707273583949 Revive Moistuiriser  60ml  R169, 05  
DTE006 6009657780390 Clear Skin Gel 125ml R127,65  
DTE007 6009657780475 Clear Skin Gel 60ml R90,56  
Jozi Natural Deodorants 
  Barcode Product  Size Price  
JOZI04 6009603360201 Natural (fragrance-free) 80ml R96,23  
JOZI003 6009603360225 African Citrus 80ml R96,23  
JOZI01 6009603360218 Ivory  80ml R96,23  
JOZI02 6009646751110 Ylang Ylang 80ml R96,23  
Soy Candles
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
Glass containers        
SOY005 6009667471103 Citrus Lift Aromatherapy Candle 220ml R216,44  
SOY007 6009667471158 Exotic Egyptian Aromatherapy Candle 220ml R216,44  
SOY002 6009667471424 Get up & Go Massage Candle 220ml R238,00  
SOY009 6009667471134 Inner Beauty Aromatherapy Candle 220ml R216,44  
SOY011 6009667471080 Inner Strength Aromatherapy Candle 220ml R216,44  
SOY003 6009667471400 Just Let Go Massage Candle 220ml R238,00  
SOY004 6009667471394 Mellow Out Massage Candle 220ml R238,00  
SOY001 6009667471417 Mood Booster Massage Candle 220ml R238,00  
SOY006 6009667471141 Natural Balance Aromatherapy Candle 220ml R216,44  
SOY012 6009667471110 Ocean Healing Aromatherapy Candle 220ml R216,44  
SOY008 6009667471097 Radiant Heart Aromatherapy Candle 220ml R216,44  
SOY010 6009667471127 Soul Wisdom Aromatherapy Candle 220ml R216,44  
SOY014 NO BARCODE  Exotic Egyptian Aromatherapy Candle 75ml tin R85,57  
SOY016 NO BARCODE  Inner Beauty Aromatherapy Candle 75ml tin R85,57  
SOY018 NO BARCODE  Inner Strength Aromatherapy Candle 75ml tin R85,57  
SOY013 NO BARCODE  Natural Balance Aromatherapy Candle 75ml tin R85,57  
SOY019 NO BARCODE  Ocean Healing Aromatherapy Candle 75ml tin R85,57  
SOY015 NO BARCODE  Radiant Heart Aromatherapy Candle 75ml tin R85,57  
SOY017 NO BARCODE  Soul Wisdom Aromatherapy Candle 75ml tin R85,57  
Sativa Hemp Body Care
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
Body Butters        
HE013 6009819890646 Body Butter - Hemp & Moroccan Fig  250ml R210,66  
HE012 6009819890042 Body Butter - Hemp & Pink Grapefruit  300ml R210,66  
HE011 6009819890035 Body Butter - Hemp & Rooibos  250ml R210,66  
HE041 6009819890066 Body Butter - Magnolia 250ml R210,66  
HE009 6009819890295 Body Scrub -  Hemp & Moca Java 300ml R210,66  
HE008 6009819890288 Body Scrub -  Hemp & Rosehip Salt 300ml R210,66  
HE010 6009819890301 Face Scrub - Hemp, Ginger, Lemongrass, Lime 200ml R210,30  
Body Washes        
HE015 6009819890356 Magnolia Body Wash 250ml 250ml R143,81  
HE018 6009819890349 Moroccan Fig Body Wash 250ml 250ml R143,81  
HE017 6009819890349 Pink Grapefruit Body Wash 250ml 250ml R143,81  
HE019 6009819890349 Rooibos Body Wash 250ml 250ml R143,81  
Lip Treatments         
HE048 6009819890158 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Chocolate/Orange  7ml R31,12  
HE049 6009819890158 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Chocolate/Orange  24X7ml R746,91  
HE045 6009819890141 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Cocoa Butter 7ml R31,12  
HE050 6009819890141 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Cocoa Butter 24X7ml R746,91  
HE046 6009819890479 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Ginger Peach 7ml R31,12  
HE051 6009819890479 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Ginger Peach 24X7ml R746,91  
HE043 6009819890172 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Mint Julep 7ml R31,12  
HE052 6009819890172 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Mint Julep 24X7ml R746,91  
HE044 6009819890165 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Raspberry 7ml R31,12  
HE053 6009819890165 Lip Treatment - Hemp and Raspberry 24X7ml R746,91  
HE047 6009819890314 Lip Treatment - Passionfruit Rose  7ml R31,12  
HE054 6009819890314 Lip Treatment - Passionfruit Rose  24X7ml R746,91  
    Burgess & Finch Essential Oils      
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
Carrier Oils         
NEW  BF-JOJO  600146419651 Jajoba Carrier Oil  100ml R239,35  
NEW  BF-ALM 6001464196913 Sweet Almond carrier Oil  100ml  R97,28  
Essential Oils         
NEW  BF-BERG 6001464196517 Bergamont Oil  10ml R149,02  
NEW  BF-CITR 6001464196654 Citronella Oil 10ml R65,64  
NEW  BF-EUCAL 6001464196258 Burgess & Finch Eucalyptus Oil 10ml 10ml R45,16  
NEW  BF-FRANK 6001464196692 Burgess & Finch Frankincense Oil 10ml 10ml R242,64  
NEW  BF-GERA 6001464196050 Burgess & Finch Geranium Oil 10ml 10ml R149,75  
NEW  BF-JAS 6001464196548 Burgess & Finch Jasmine Oil Blend 10ml 10ml R194,55  
NEW  BF-LAV 6001464196159 Burgess & Finch Lavender Oil 10ml 10ml R86,12  
NEW  BF-LEMGRASS 6001464196746 Burgess & Finch Lemon Grass Oil 10ml 10ml R68,93  
NEW  BF-LEMON 6001464196739 Burgess & Finch Lemon Oil 10ml 10ml R61,99  
NEW  BF-NEROLI 6001464196555 Burgess & Finch Neroli Oil Blend 10ml 10ml R155,42  
NEW  BF-PEP 6001464196302 Burgess & Finch Peppermint Oil 10ml 10ml R75,88  
NEW  BF-ROSE 6001464196357 Burgess & Finch Rosemary Oil 10ml 10ml R78,81  
NEW  BF-TEA 6001464196401 Burgess & Finch Tea Tree Oil 10ml 10ml R77,71  
NEW  BF-YLANG 6001464196456 Burgess & Finch Ylang Ylang Oil 10ml 10ml R134,39  
Pure Indigenous African Essential Oils
Code Barcode Product  Size Price  
PI034 6009828790616 Happy Lips  10g R47,72  
PI037 6009828790647 Happy Lips (Pack of 6) 6 x 10g  R262,48  
PI035 6009828790623 Love Lips  10g R47,72  
PI038 6009828790654 Love Lips (Pack of 6) 6 x 10g  R262,48  
PI036 6009828790630 Beard Balm  18g  R79,54  
PI067 6009828790654 *Beard Balm - NEW SIZE  30g 88,32  
PI039 6009828790661 Beard Balm (Pack of 6) - NEW SIZE  6 x 30g R334,07  
Gift Packs        
PI030 6009828790586 ALL WILL BE WELL Gift Pack 2x20ml R143,17  
PI026 6009828790531 CHILL Gift Pack  4x20ml R275,74  
PI025 6009828790548 GRACE Gift Pack  4x20ml R275,74  
PI027 6009828790555 Happiness & Tranquility Gift Pack  2x20ml R143,17  
PI029 6009828790579 Love & Night Gift Pack  2x20ml R143,17  
PI031 6009828790593 Luck & Protection Gift Pack  2x20ml R143,17  
PI032 6009828790609 LULLABY Gift Pack  2x20ml R143,17  
PI024 6009828790517 Potion Gift Pack  4x20ml R275,74  
PI028 6009828790562 STAY YOUNG Gift Pack  2x20ml R143,17  
PI072 6009828790203 Beard kit (Beard Balm & Beard Oil) - NEW SIZE  20ml & 30g R189,25  
PI041 6009828790692 Gift of Joy (Happiness Oil & Lip Balm) 10ml & 10g  R119,31  
PI042 6009828790708 Gift of Love (Love Potion & Lip Balm) 10ml & 10g  R119,31  
PI044 6009828790975 Gogga Insect Repellent  100ml R53,03  
PI045 6009828790982 Gogga Anti-itch balm  10g R47,72  
Bath and Body         
NEW  PI080 0781159163449 Baobab Cuticle Oil  20ml R113,55  
NEW  PI081 0781159163388 Baobab Foot Oil  20ml R100,93  
NEW  PI084 0781159163326 Bath Soak  500g R113,55  
PI071 6009828790524 Foot Soak  200g R66,28  
NEW  PI086 0781159163395 Calm Bath Salts  120g R50,47  
NEW  PI087 0781159163401 Happy Bath Salts  120g R50,47  
NEW  PI088 0781159163418 Love Bath Salts  120g R50,47  
NEW  PI089 0781159163245 Night Bath Salts  120g R50,47  
NEW  PI090 0781159163432 Tranquil Bath Salts  120g R50,47  
 Pure Body Products         
PI053 6009828790951 African Bluegrass Body Butter 100ml R79,54  
PI058 6009828790999 African Bluegrass Handwash  250ml  R92,80  
PI049 6009828790968 African Bluegrass Lip balm 10g R26,51  
PI063 6009828790944 African Bluegrass Lotion 150ml R119,31  
PI055 60098287902876 Hemp Body Butter  100ml R79,54  
PI059 6009828790869 Hemp Handwash  250ml  R92,80  
PI050 6009828790883 Hemp Lip balm 10g R26,51  
PI064 6009828790852 Hemp Lotion  150ml R119,31  
PI057 6009828790913 Imphepho Body Butter 100ml R79,54  
PI060 6009828790906 Imphepho Hand Wash  250ml  R92,80  
PI051 6009828790920 Imphepho Lip Balm  10g R26,51  
PI065 6009828790890 Imphepho Lotion 150ml R119,31  
100% Pure Carrier Oils        
PI009 6009828790456 Baobab Oil  100ml R265,13  
PI010 6009828790470 Kalahari Melon  100ml R225,36  
PI011 6009828790463 Marula Oil  100ml R339,37  
PI012 6009828790487 Mongongo Oil  100ml R238,62  
PI069 6009828790838 Hemp oil  100ml  R106,05  
Pure Essential Oil Blends        
PI019 6009828790395 Abundance Potion 20ml R68,94  
PI013 6009828790432 Happiness Blend  20ml R68,94  
PI020 6009828790371 Love Potion  20ml R68,94  
PI021 6009828790388 Luck Potion  20ml R68,94  
PI014 6009828790401 Night Blend  20ml R68,94  
PI023 6009828790494 Protection Potion 20ml R68,94  
PI016 6009828790418 Soothing Blend  20ml R68,94  
PI015 6009828790449 Tranquility Blend  20ml R68,94  
PI017 6009828790289 Winter Blend 20ml R68,94  
PI018 6009828790425 Youth Blend 20ml R68,94  
PI068 6009828790753 Beard oil with Kalahari melon  20ml R92,80  
100% Pure Essential Oils        
PI043 6009828790821 African Bluegrass 10ml  R159,08  
PI001 6009828790296 African Helichrysum  10ml R304,90  
PI002 6009828790364 African Lemon Bush 10ml R225,36  
PI003 6009828790302 African Wormwood 10ml R119,31  
PI004 6009828790319 Cape Buchu  10ml R198,85  
PI006 6009828790333 Cape Geranium 10ml R132,57  
PI062 6009828790746 Cape Gold Helichrysum  10ml R251,88  
PI073 0781159138249 Cape Lemon Geranium  10ml R227,10  
PI007 6009828790340 Cape May  10ml R238,62  
PI008 6009828790357 Cape Snowbush 10ml R291,65  
PI074 0781159138263 Honey Everlasting Helichrysum 10ml R290,18  
PI076 0781159138294 Karoo Duckfoot  10ml R227,10  
PI075 0781159138270 Karoo Incana  10ml R252,33  
PI077 0781159138256 Kouga Snowbush 10ml  R252,33  
PI078 0781159138287 Namibian Myrrh 10ml R171,42  
PI079 0781159138323 Silver Everlasting Helichrysum 10ml R290,18  
Massage Oils         
NEW  PI091 0781159138317 Happy Massage Oil  100ml R95,89  
NEW  PI092 0781159138324 Tranquil Massage Oil  100ml R95,89  
NEW  PI093 0781159138300 Night Massage Oil  100ml R95,89  
NEW  PI094 0781159163371 Love Massage Oil  100ml R95,59  
NEW  PI095 0781159163319 Calm Massage Oil  100ml R95,89  
Room Sprays         
NEW  PI085 0781159163364 Calm  Room Spray  100ml R75,70  
NEW  PI082 0781159163364 Happy Room Spray  100ml R75,70  
PI047 6009828790777 Imphepho Room Spray  150ml R66,28  
PI047 6009828790777 * Imphepho Room Spray  - NEW SIZE in glass  100ml  R63,08  
NEW  PI083 0781159163357 Love Room Spray  100ml R75,70  
PI070 6009828790098 Night Room Spray - NEW SIZE in glass  100ml R75,70  
PI048 600982870814 Rose Geranium Room Spray  150ml R68,93  
PI048 600982870814 *Rose Geranium Room Spray - NEW SIZE in glass  100ml R65,61  
PI061 6009828790807 Tranquility Room Spray  150ml R74,25  
PI061 6009828790807 *Tranquility Room Spray - NEW SIZE in glass  100ml R75,70  
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